Exhumations > Banovići municipality

Exhumation data:
Collecting of surface skeletal remains and the finding of mortal remains of three bodies from the following location - mountain Ozren, Dugo brdo, forest area, 200 m from a stream called “Kestenjska rijeka”, Banovići municipality. (Location on the photos marked with number “5”!).
Date of exhumation: March 5, 2001
Number of bodies found: 3

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Dević (Vida) Slobodan, yob. 1959.; yid. 2003.
- Lazić (Jove) Ninko, yob. 1958.; yid. 2001.
- Kuprešak (Mihajla) Nenad, yob. 1964.; yid. 2001.
Note: Mortal remains of Kuprešak Nenand had been found during the collecting of surface skeletal remains on December 4, 2002.

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