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Exhumation data:
The exchange of mortal remains of the bodies on the following location: Bihać municipality, line between the territory controlled by the Army of the Serb Republic and the territory controlled by the fifth Army corps of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is about killed/missing soldiers in 1992. on the Bihać front (Grabež). Mortal remains found and colleted by the Exchange Commission, Fifth army corps of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Note: The bodies that were not immediately identified (6 bodies), were buried as “NN” in “Novo groblje” (city cemetery), Banjaluka. The bodies were exhumed again in 1997 and 1999.
Date of exhumation: 27 or 28 April 1993
Number of bodies found: 6

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Balać (Voje) Jovo, yob. 1929.; yid. 2004.
- Pjević (Mihajlo) Jovan, yob. 1942.; yid. 2005.
- Pilipović (Jovan-Joja) Đuro, yob. 1943.; yid. 2006.
- Majstorović (Đure) Dragan, yob. 1955.; yid. 2003.
- Marčeta (Dragan) Momčilo, yob. 1960.; yid. 2000.
- Hajdarević (Fazlija) Fuad
After the DNA findings bodies surendered to the Federal Commission on March 16, 2005.

- year of birth
- year identified
NN - unidentified