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Exhumation data:
Exhumation, preliminary forensic processing, taking of bone samples for DNA analysis and re-burying the remains of six bodies from a mass grave at the following location - city cemetery “Humci”, not far from a asphalt path through the cemetery, lower part of the cemetery, above the location where we found mortal remains of bodies without any markings, city of Bihać.
Date of exhumation: October 8, 2002
Number of bodies found: 6

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Karajić (Rame) Šefkija
- Muratović (Sabit) Muhamed
- Prošić Senad
- Grahović (Osman) Hemo
- Bećirević (Džemal) Osman
- Grahović (Sulejman) Muhamed
Note: We took DNA samples from every body during the exhumation. After the DNA results it was concluted that these were Muslim bodies – these bodies were not under our mandate. Final exhumation performed by the Federal Commission.

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