Exhumations > Bihać municipality

Exhumation data:
Exhumation of mortal remains of three bodies from a mass grave from the following location - “Humci” city cemetery, not far from the asphalt path trough the cemetery, lower part of the cemetery - part of the cemetery without graves, not far from the cemetery fountain, next to the ditch between the two asphalt paths through the cemetery, we found no markings above the mortal remains, city of Bihać.
Date of exhumation: June 19, 2003
Number of bodies found: 3

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Jelača (Đure) Kojo, yob. 1933.; yid. 2004.
- Grbić (Rade) Jovo, yob. 1925.; yid. 2005.
- “NN”

- year of birth
- year identified
NN - unidentified