Exhumations > Bosanska Krupa municipality

Exhumation data:
Taking of bone samples for DNA analysis of two bodies from the following location - “Lipik” city cemetery, city of Bosanska Krupa, on the day of October 19, 2005. (these bodies were not extracted from their graves and they were not forensically processed - only one bone sample was taken for DNA analysis)
Note: Mortal remains of Banjac Borka, (after a positive DNA result) were exhumed on July 12, 2007.
Date of exhumation: October 19, 2005
Number of bodies found: 2


Exhumated - identified persons data
- Banjac (Mihajlo) Borka, yob. 1940.; yid. 2007.
- “NN”

- year of birth
- year identified
NN - unidentified