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Exhumation data:
Collecting of surface skeletal remains and the finding of mortal remains of five bodies from the following location - Do, above the village Bistrica - Vranduk, Zenica municipality, on the day of July 30, 1997. Mortal remains found by the Federal Commission and were surrendered to the Commission of the Republic of Srpska on the day of November 29, 2001.
Date of exhumation: November 29, 2001
Number of bodies found: 5

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Jovanović (Tomislav) Vladimir, yob. 1973.; yid. 2007.
- Jovanović (Tomislav) Vanja, yob. 1974.; yid. 2007.
- Jovanović (Steve) Tomislav, yob. 1945.; yid. 2005.
- Jovanović (Dušan) Ljubomir, yob. 1973.; yid. 2005.
- Jovanović (Ostoja) Zora, yob. 1952.; yid. 2005.
Note: Besides the mentioned bodies, a positive DNA result was delivered to Rapo (Ibro) Sefer - the DNA analysis is linked to only one bone. (bone taken over by the Federal Commission)

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