Exhumations > Bosanski Brod/Brod municipality

Exhumation data:
Exhumation of mortal remains of three bodies (individual graves) from the following location - “Gradsko groblje" (“City cemetery”), city of Bosanski Brod/Brod (Srpski Brod).
Date of exhumation: August 16, 2001
Number of bodies found: 3

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Milaković (Branka) Svetislav; rođ. 1936.; yid. 2001.
- Jaramaz (Todor) Miroslav, yob. 1939.; yid. 2001.
- Milvić (Smajo) Safet
This individual is not in the database of missng persons of the Serb Republic. Mortal remains were surrendered to the Federal commission.

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NN - unidentified