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Exhumation data:
Exhumation of mortal remains of one body from the following location - “Gradsko groblje” (city cemetery), city of Prnjavor, on the day of April 15, 2003. Note: Ardalić Andrija gone missing on July 21, 1995. on the following location - mountain Ozren, Podsjelovo, Zavidovići municipality. Mortal remains obtained in a exchange on August 19, 1995. in Kaloševići, municipality Teslić. Body identified and buried in “Gradsko groblje” (city cemetery) in Prnjavor. Because of doubts about the accuracy of classical identification body exhumed again for DNA samples. Ardalić Andrija finally identified on January 26, 2004. in Banjaluka using DNA analysis.
Date of exhumation: April 15, 2003
Number of bodies found: 1

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Ardalić (Mladen) Andrija, yob. 1972.; yid. 2004.

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